Nuneaton Lions folds after 50 Years

Very sad news has reached us about Nuneaton Lions, best known for organising Nuneaton Civic Bonfire & Firework Display in November. They also organised many other fund raising events throughout the year, indeed Nuneaton Memories were supported by Nuneaton Lions, many local good causes will miss them greatly.

A statement from Nuneaton Lions reads :

“It is with immense sadness that we confirm that Nuneaton Lions have, in their 50th year ended their involvement in Nuneaton. Lions have proudly served their community raising money for individuals and groups, with every penny raised going back to the community of Nuneaton.

All money left in the then bank has been distributed to groups or charities selected by the remaining members and the chains of office will go on display in the Mayor’s parlour, to be available if Nuneaton Lions should be re-formed in the future.

We wish all of our supporters and followers well in their efforts to help others. The civic bonfire will hopefully continue with the Round Table at the helm.”

SELECTION OF photos are below



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