Funding Appeal

Since Nuneaton Memories started, paper, printer, laptop, camera etc have all been purchased by either the founder of Nuneaton Memories or from the donations people have given at scanning sessions or with help from the few sponsors that we have.

Having  been awarded funding from the National Lottery Awards For All scheme, we havenow purchased a gazebo, banners, laminator, tables.

What we now require is storage space, this is roughly £9.00 per week, can you help by making any donation towards this cost??

We are hoping to use the gazebo etc so we can have “pop up” scanning sessions, photo exhibitions, attend fetes, open days etc to spread the word about Nuneaton Memories and gain more memories from those who visit.

If you can help, please go to our website scroll down and you will see the icon which is below

We use Paypal as a donation method, you DO NOT have to sign up to Paypal to use it, its safe and secure. When you enter the amount please type in that it is a gift if you have that option


Many thanks in advance of any support that you can give.


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One thought on “Funding Appeal

  1. Having once lived and worked at astley castle it was great to see the photo’s and work being done to try to find any thing of interest underground, when I lived there I was told that there was tunnel from the castle to arbury hall? That was in the 1950s when my father ran it as a pub’ ,, keep up the good work, love reading all the memory’s “”,, regards Eric Tunnicliffe ,.,

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