Nuneaton Memories Reaches Out

Who would have thought 3 years ago when Nuneaton Memories started out on Facebook that today we would have just under 14,000 members ?? Many more visit the website, follow us on Twitter, read this blog and also watch the video clips on our YouTube channel??

It has been amazing !

Of course, Nuneaton Memories would not exist without YOU… if no-one shared their memories or let us use their photos there would be no Nuneaton Memories. Of course, these photos don’t just appear…. time and effort all given freely by admin and photographers really does take up many hours each week, the “hunger” for more memories is never ending.

Nuneaton Memories visits sheltered housing and groups to present photo slideshows, we also come away from these events having learnt more and also often return to scan photos.

To enable us to gather even more photos, negatives, postcards or slides of Nuneaton, we realised that we must reach out and get out into the community. With pubs / clubs closing big time over the last few years, venues with power supply would be a problem…unless…

We made an appointment with Warwickshire CAVA who are based in High Street, Nuneaton and with the help of Alison Thompson we looked at funding opportunities. Up until now,  printer, laminator, promotional material had been purchased by admin with very little income we saved up and purchased a laptop and we do have to pay public liability insurance too. We were very grateful to have received sponsorship from Jonathans Fireworks which allowed us to start our website we also received support from RSS Installations who purchased 2 negative scanners and a banner for us.

So, three months ago, we submitted an application to the National Lottery Awards For All Scheme, so we could get out more into the community, we needed to be self sufficient and not rely 100% on trying to find a venue. Gazebo, generator, tables. chairs were required but with little income this would be months if not years away.

Today (July 12th 2016) we are very lucky to have received funding from the National Lottery Awards For All so that we can purchase all of these items and get out and about setting up virtually anywhere like village greens, open days (eg: Bramcote Barracks), town centre, fetes, Nuneaton Lives, Nuneaton Carnival, Armed Forces Day and more to share our photo memories and of course, to collect more.

We still require storage space ( cheapest we can find at present is £8.40 a week but although this may sound cheap, when there is no regular income, it just cannot be done) we also require a trailer so we can transport these items to our set up venues.

If anyone would like to make a donation you can visit our website where you can make a secure online donation – information will also be there to pay direct into our bank or where to send a cheque to.

Admin team like mentioned above, work many hours and they deserve our thanks Jacqueline Rose, Bev Moore, Antony Dawkins, Paul Birkin, Steve Collins and also to photographer Mick Beards who seems to be anywhere a camera is needed and to Wolfie and everyone else who contributes.

Awards For All press release – The group will use the funding to purchase display and IT equipment which will enable them to hold social events and to expand their presence online. This will provide isolated and older people with access to activities which benefit their social health and wellbeing. Indeed, we are at the Phoenix Group. Ambleside Way, Shepperton Court and Ash Green Ladies Club over the next 3 weeks !

To find out more about the National Lottery Awards For All please visit




2 thoughts on “Nuneaton Memories Reaches Out

  1. Thank you to all of you, we really appreciate you. Nuneaton Memories is fantastic & is a brilliant idea. Have you thought of introducing a voluntary membership, 50p or more. I know it’s another admin job but you already have the names of members & a spreadsheet of columns to say if paid. If its voluntary would you still need to have an accountant or declare it? Fund raising is a hard job. Thank you again.

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