New acquisition opens the door on Larry Grayson

Behind the Scenes at Nuneaton Museum

The Museum has recently acquired a significant collection of material relating to Nuneaton comedian and Generation Game presenter Larry Grayson.

2015-6-26 Pauline and Larry behind the scenes at one of his performances in the 1970s.

Pauline Blackhurst first met Larry at a Blackpool show in 1974. From that point the two wrote regularly to one another, exchanging Christmas and birthday cards.

“Thank you once again for remembering my 39th birthday… soon to be 40 now.. hooray!!!” (1986)

It was a friendship that would last 20 years, until Larry’s death in 1994. On the eve of his retirement Larry wrote to Pauline, “Thank you for your kindness over the years and being such a loyal friend and fan”.

Pauline was a huge fan of Larry’s; she carefully kept letters and postcards from Larry and compiled her own scrapbook of programmes and newspaper cuttings. Every year she would display her first Christmas…

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