Nuneaton Memories

Over the last few years, what started out as a hobby with the intention of recording the history of Nuneaton Carnival (which I never got round to) I have seen this group grow beyond my wildest dreams.

As at February 7th 2014, we have 2,864 members on our Facebook page, many of you also follow this blog which helps with longer stories being able to be published.

Many facebook group members have been re-united with long lost relatives, friends and school friends who they had lost touch with and have renewed their friendships and in some cases have met up after not seeing each other for many years.

The photographs that are shared freely on the facebook group bring the memories flooding back and some cause great conversation pieces. There is of course the odd photograph that causes a few headaches as well ! I have now a great admin team who help monitor the facebook group (you will notice that there is no advertising on the group – this just spoils the memories and user and advert are removed from the group ASAP) The admin team are Jacqueline Rose, Patrick Woodcock, Nikki Parkin, Bev Moore, Antony Dawkins, Paul Birkin and myself. Without the help of those admins, I dread to think how I could possibly cope administrating such a large number of members.

Two very successful roadshows have been held after we teamed up with Anker Hospital Radio, we have teamed up with them again to help raise funds for them and for Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary when we enter a team in “Nuneatons Generation Game” on May 10th – information about this special evening will be on our facebook page. Members have been contacting us with rare photographs that we can share with you, local authority, county records office and the George Eliot Hospital Museum Collection are also supporting us.

With the group becoming larger and now receiving requests to go and give talks to groups, I had to think hard about what to do next.

To enable to take the group forward and to spread the word about Nuneaton Memories, funding would be needed. Printing costs for flyers – ink, paper, postage etc would be needed as well as a screen and projector and to apply for any funding a correct association would be needed to be set up with a constitution and bank account.

I am pleased to announce that there is now a bank account opened in the name of Nuneaton Memories, the accounts will be verified annually by a chartered accountant (free of charge !) and any donations and funding will be made payable to Nuneaton Memories so no one person can be accused of making any money from this project. I have NO INTENTION of writing a book but I am currently designing a website which will be launched ASAP and will feature some of the photographs that you, our facebook group members have shared. The Nuneaton Memories Project is non profit and we estimate that running costs after initial set up will be next to nothing. Should we receive surplus funding by the end of the year, we will think about what to do next.

A constitution has also been agreed (thanks to CAVA for their help on this) and the main aims of Nuneaton Memories are;

1) to maintain and record the memories of Nuneaton as best as possible for future generations

2)to promote Nuneaton Memories

Already we have received a donation from the TGWU Retired Members Association and Jonathans Fireworks have agreed to sponsor the website. Advertising on the website will be minimal and unobtrusive. To them, I am truly grateful and their support will kick start taking Nuneaton Memories forward so it can be reached by many more Nuneatonians around the world !

Lastly, thank you to each and every one of YOU – without you Nuneaton Memories would be nothing !

Nuneaton Memories – Keeping The Past Alive



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