Nuneaton Suffers Bomb Damage – May 1941

Nuneaton suffered heavy bombing during the early hours of 17th May 1941.

Photographs were taken by Warwickshire County Police to record damage caused by enemy action on the night of 16th / 17th May
1941. These photographs were taken on 7th and 8th June by Inspector L. F. Tavinor. There is an accompanying report to these photographs  where the descriptions have been taken from and noted below. They were taken on commercial
safety film.

The complete set of photographs can be found by clicking HERE

Once the page opens, please use the arrow in the middle top of the screen to scroll through them. Photographs are copyright of Warwickshire Police and made available to Nuneaton Memories by Nuneaton Museum.

Bomb damage

Bomb damage


2 thoughts on “Nuneaton Suffers Bomb Damage – May 1941

  1. Terrible to think of all the people and the damage this affected ,must of been like the end of the world awful.
    But the thing that gets me is that my grandad took the photographs and to think he was looking at the same as me amazes me

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