In carnival week 1963, The Beatles, who had played at Nuneaton’s Co-op Hall the previous October, were number one in the singles chart with From Me To You and also topped the album charts for the first time with Please Please Me.

On the night the carnival fun fair opened, Tottenham Hotspur became the first British football team to win a European trophy with a 5-1 win over Aletico Madrid.

Nationally, Prime Minister Harold Macmillan – rocked by the John Profumo call-girls affair – resigned and was replaced by the last member of the House of Lords – The Earl of Home – who renounced his peerage and took the title Sir Alec Douglas Home. He served just 12 months before losing to Harold Wilson in the October 1964 general election.

Internationally, French president Charles de Gaulle vetoes the UK’s entry into the EEC.

Locally during the year, the Dugdale Arms public house demolished in Dugdale Street, replaced by the Merevale.

The old Graziers Arms pub, dating back to the 1850s, knocked down on the corner of Weddington Terrace and Hinckley Road. Modern building erected, which has now been demolished as well.

New lease of life for The Wheatsheaf Inn on upper Abbey Street.

Christians watched with a mixture of sadness and amazement as the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Abbey Street was demolished and burnt to the ground.

Woolworths moved from the corner of the Market Place and Coventry Street into a new store in Queens Road, built at a cost of £190,000.

Britain’s worst winter in decade saw 28 degrees of frost in the daytime hours in Nuneaton during January 1963. The snow, which arrived on Boxing Day in 1962, didn’t leave until the end of March



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